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Harjes Metallkunst (metal art) has for three generations worked bell bronze into candle holders, bowls, door handles and other decorative objects. The Harjes collection offers designs which are ideal for festivities, everyday use or religious occasions.

The Harjes designs, from conception through to their final production, are made using traditional hand crafting methods which have developed through the generations. The products meld traditional metal working crafts with artistic design to create pieces which from the past to the present day are very popular among those who appreciate design, function and solidity. Today, Harjes Metallkunst is one of the few remaining traditional metal art businesses in Germany.

Harjes designs are easily recognisable due to the design elements which are reflections of the natural world and the surface structure of the bell bronze which is moulded in sand. The historic origins of the business date back to the last century.

Harjes Metallkunst is a third generation family business run by Tobias Harjes, who learned the ancient craft of armoury metalworking from his father which was passed down from his grandfather.